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VPHA’s members include public health and healthcare professionals, educators, researchers, students, and advocates. Our Member Spotlight highlights these incredible individuals and the work they are doing to advance public health.

Abi Broda

Abi Broda is an Assistant Director of Student Health Center & Wellness Initiatives at Liberty University. She serves as VPHA’s Communications Advisory Committee Chair. She lives in Lynchburg. 

How long have you been a member of VPHA? 

 Only a couple of months now. I reached out to Kim looking for some volunteer opportunities for the Student Wellness Committee I oversee and ended up being the Chair of Communications myself. I am looking forward to being a part of VPHA and getting involved even more in the coming new year.

What makes you passionate about public health? 

 My passion for public health and prevention stems from my Dad's stroke story. He was 45 when he had a massive stroke that really altered our family's life. This happened while I was in high school and it became very clear to me how important preventative health measures are. I'm happy to share my Dad is doing great now and still is making progress on recovery, 10 years later, despite what the original doctor's diagnosis was!

What do you enjoy the most about being a VPHA member? 

 So far I am enjoying getting to know everyone, what they do, and how they got started with Public Health. I am looking forward to the conference in the spring and learning more about advocacy day.

What’s your current job and how does it relate to public health? 

 My current job is Assistant Director of the Student Health Center and Wellness Initiatives Dept. at Liberty University. I work more with the wellness initiatives side of things. I manage our virtual health education and work with events for our department. I get to educate the student body on our 9 Dimensions of Wellness and help them live their healthiest lives.

Who is your public health hero? 

 The first person to come to mind is John Snow (who I loved making jokes about in relation to Game of Thrones while in my Masters program). He is probably the most widely known, as he is the "Father of Public Health". What I admire about him was his ability to think differently and outside the box of his time. Not only that, but he also followed his instincts and pushed to do something about it.

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